Workshops & Rituals

The Fifth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 14th, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick. We are currently accepting workshop and ritual applications.  If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the form below.  We are proud to offer family, beginner and intermediate programming.


2018 Workshops and Rituals

CUUPSlogo10 am: Opening Ritual with Frederick CUUPS
Event Field

Led by Frederick CUUPS Members, our family-friendly Opening Ritual will establish Sacred Space for the duration of Frederick Pagan Pride Day.



fairygarden 11 am: Children’s Programming Track
The Faery Garden

Children’s Programming Track: Parents of our younger pagans are invited to join us in our magical fairy children’s activity area for activities such as magic wand making, bird feeder creation, interactive children’s altar, story time and so much more! This is not a drop off area or childcare- children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times in the children’s area. Children’s programs run all day but will be closed during main rituals.


Rath11 am: The Eight Paths of Witchraft with Rath Cobv
Workshop Area One

Alex Sanders once described The Eight Paths, which all lead to the Centre. This workshop will discuss some of the uses and pitfalls of The Eight Paths.  Rath has been called a witch by witches, a heathen by heathens, a druid by druids. His work is influenced by heathenry, the martial arts, ceremonial magick, various healing traditions, and non-Gardnerian witchcraft. He leads the Coven of the Black Vulture.


demeter_23932_md12 pm: Demeter Evalosia Ritual
Workshop Area Two

The Potomac Valley Palladium Demos of Hellenion is delighted to offer a Facebook Live ritual in honor of Demeter Evalosia. The ritual will be brief but heartfelt, a classic Hellenic reconstruction ritual. If desired offerings of song, prayer, food or flowers can be gifted to the Goddess. The ritual will be livestreamed.




5 elements12 pm: The Five Element Cycle of Life
Workshop Area One

Chinese Five Element Theory is an ancient philosophy that is simple enough to learn yet has deep implications that can take a lifetime to understand. Through this introductory class, you will gain the foundation of how to use this simple tool for understanding the complex rhythm and flow of life and how we can flourish by bringing ourselves in balance within the five.


LonelyCoyote1 pm: Spirits of the City: Working with Urban Nature Spirits with Monika Healing Coyote
Workshop Area One

Numerous books & articles describe working in partnership with the genius loci of the woodlands, mountains, rivers, and/or fields, but very few describe the Spirits that inhabit subway trains, city parks, homeless shelters, and skyscrapers. There is Magic in cities, if you know how to approach it. This workshop uses New York City, Washington D.C., and London as examples of the many archetypal Spirits that are found within large urban areas. Attendees will learn about the Beggarman, the Eyes of the City, the Royal Court of Subway Trains, and others.


UToS symbol 22 pm: Global Spirits Service for the Spirits of The Harvest
Event Field

The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a Global Spirits Service for The Spirits of the Harvest. Come celebrate what you are Harvesting with dancing, drumming (bring your drums), and trance, as we welcome the Spirits. If you desire, please bring a Spirit you wish to honor for the Harvest and a song for them. Spirit sign- up and more information will be available through the day at The Universal Temple of Spirits booth.


drum circle3 pm: Drum Circle
Event Field

Bring your hand percussion and join in the celebration!  Facilitated by Kindred Crow percussionist Rachel Elizabeth



Bindrunes3 pm: Introduction to Bindrunes with Scott Mohnkern
Workshop Area One

When people talk about runes, they think of casting the runes in order to get a view into the potential future. The image of the Volva (seeress) sitting in a dark cave with a fire, throwing down the runes, and telling a young adventurer whether his next quest will be profitable (or even survivable), carries with us, even into today.  Runic magic actually extends beyond divination to the concept of “active” magic, where one just didn’t try to see into the future, but impacting our future.  A common practice was to combine a series of runes into a pattern that asked upon the gods for a given result. This result could be a blessing, or it could even be a curse. In this workshop we’re going to discuss the concept of using the runes to impact our future, the ethics of these magical practices, and ultimately, using runes to create spells to help us shape our path.

Scott Mohnkern, author of “A Year of Viking Ritual” and “Hanging From the Tree: Living With the Runes” , has been a practicing heathen for over 20 years, and has been teaching for over 15. Scott loves to help people understand the heathen gods, and heathen philosophy.  He is currently working on his new book “Ancient Values For a Modern Age” as well as working closely with the Mid-Atlantic Spae team.  If he’s not teaching a workshop, be sure to stop by his tent where he sells his books, and offers readings, or just to say hello!


warrior4 pm: Basic Body Magick
Workshop Area Two

Learn simple techniques for managing physical/situational issues, basic self-healing, stamina bolstering and realistic perseverance. We will explore both theory and practice.





altar5 pm: Closing Ritual with Elk Ridge Kindred
Event Field

Elk Ridge Kindred is a small, local group who practice the Norse traditions of Heathenry.  Honor the community shared at Pagan Pride Day at our closing circle.







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