Frederick Pagan Pride Day is Coming Up!

Want to help promote Frederick Pagan Pride Day?  Here are some printable flyers for the festival!  Click on the flyer you would like to print to download the image at full size.

Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2018 Forms are UP!

The Fourth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be Saturday, September 15th, 2018.  We are currently accepting applications for the event.  If you are interested in participating as part of FPPD, please click on the link below that applies to you.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the 2018 FPPD that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us at

Pagan Prom is coming!

dancingThe second annual Midwinter Night’s Dream Masquerade Ball and Pagan Pride Day Fundraiser is Saturday, January 6th!  We’re giving tickets away on Facebook!

Every Friday in December, we will give away one pair of tickets for the masquerade ball. If you win them, you can either use them yourself, or gift them to a friend!  To enter, SHARE this graphic. Make sure you do it publicly, or we won’t be able to see the post. Then, COMMENT on the graphic and tell us your favorite faery or fantasy creature.

Every Friday, we will randomly select one name and award tickets. And YES, you can enter more than once!


Masquerade FlyerA Midwinter Night’s Dream
Masquerade Ball and Pagan Pride Day Fundraiser
Buy Tickets Here

Saturday, January 6th, 2018 (snow date of Saturday, February 10th)

Join Frederick CUUPS for a Masquerade Ball as we dance into the night with the Winter Court of Faerie, rulers of the dark season!  Please come in a wintry costume as we revel and celebrate the darkest time of the year with the Good Folk of the Winter Court.

Attractions include:

~Winter Faery Market (full vendor list here)
~Dancing to Music by The Dapper DJs
~Performance by Tribal Belly Dance Troupe Amandari
~Costume Contest, Raffle, Silent Auction & More

Faery and Fantasy Attire, Masks or Elaborate Makeup Encouraged
8 pm – 1 am, 21+, BYOB
No entry after 10 pm
Tickets are $35 in advance
$40 at the door, if any tickets remain

Purchase Tickets Here.

Frederick Pagan Pride Day wrap-up, thanks, and FPPD 2018!


Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2017 raised 573.16 lbs of food for The Frederick Food Bank!

It is an amazing thing to watch a festival grow; to start as a tiny seed of an idea, to show its first tender shoots and leaves and then to watch it bear better and stronger fruit with every passing harvest. Like any living spirit, what you sow and how you care for that life greatly influences the fruit you later harvest, and Frederick Pagan Pride Day is no exception. As ever, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to so many people for an almost unbelievable amount of energy, time, love and dedication to our festival.

First, and always, I am so grateful to the incredible team of volunteers who come together to serve the community through Frederick Pagan Pride Day. This amazing group of people coordinate throughout the year (and especially during the run-up to September) to create, nurture and support a day of Pagan fun in the sun. They came for setup on Friday night, arrived early Saturday morning, and didn’t leave till dusk Saturday night. It is a LOT of work, and Frederick Pagan Pride Day is incredibly blessed to have such wonderful folks invested in making this event happen. It is my hope that our team got to take it easy today – they definitely earned it. Remember, the volunteers of Frederick Pagan Pride Day throw a party they don’t get to attend – rather than go to the workshops, rituals and performances, they direct traffic, run the registration booth, refill water stations, check the bathrooms and grounds…they make Frederick Pagan Pride Day the safe, sacred space it is, and they choose to do so instead of all the fun things that draw us to a festival. I am always overwhelmed by that kind of dedication, that kind of work and sacrifice for our Tribe, our wonderful, diverse family of Paths. It is an incredible offering, and I get teary just thinking about it.

Opening Ritual at Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2017

Secondly, an enormous thanks to our workshop presenters, ritual leaders and performers. All the work of the staff of Frederick Pagan Pride Day comes to nothing without content. I am so grateful to the members of our Pagan family who chose to share their wisdom, gifts, talents and vision with us. Their contributions filled our village-for-a-day with love, joy and beauty. Deep gratitude to our ritual groups: the opening ritual was led by Frederick CUUPS members and volunteers. Our Mabon ritual was led by the Proto-Demos Potomac Valley Palladium of Hellenion and our closing ritual was led by Hallowed Ground of ADF.

Deep gratitude to our keynote speaker and workshop presenters! Hail to Gwendolyn Reece, Michael Smith, Tracy L. Wright, Rachel Elizabeth, Lora Powell-Haney and our Children’s Area coordinators Andrea LaVertu and Ashley Samantha Finucane! You brought so much illumination with you into our festival – you are such a gift to this Tribe! I hope you know how loved you are, and how respected your Work is.
Deep gratitude to our performers: Stephen Darnell and Sea Raven, the other members of Kindred Crow, and Pyrophoric. Thank you for sharing your light, laughter and incredible gifts with us.
Third to our vendors and groups! I was simply overwhelmed by the variety and quality of your incredible offerings. Thank you for traveling to Frederick to offer your goods to the Tribe! We loved having you as our Festival Family, and hope you will return again, year after year.

The Village at Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2017

Thank you to all the local organizations and groups who came out to share your Paths with us! Part of what I love most about the Pagan community is our diversity, and I am so grateful to you for showcasing that so perfectly.

Fourth, to our sponsors. Festival infrastructure is not free, and we are so grateful for all the help. Four Quarters Farm, The Dapper DJs and Naimah and Troupe Amandari – we quite literally could not have done this without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Lastly, and most importantly, to the community. Yes, you. Thank you for coming to Frederick Pagan Pride Day. Thank you for bringing the best of yourself, for wearing your spirituality on your sleeve, for sharing your time, energy and excitement with us. You are why we do this. Thank you for coming together as one Blessed Community, one Tribe, one People.

Sea Raven and Stephen Darnell performing at Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2017

Our Tribe was around 500 people yesterday (we physically counted 480, but during the day’s peak, a lot of people bypassed the welcome booth). We raised over 573 pounds of food for the Frederick Food Bank. That’s over a pound of food per person that will help people right here, in our own community. That’s some amazing magick, my friends. It’s incredible what we can accomplish together.

I love you all so much. I am grateful beyond words. And I can’t wait till next year. If you would like to be a part of our team, please email
The 2018 Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be on Saturday, September 15th. Frederick CUUPS hosts A Midwinter Night’s Dream Masquerade Ball (also known as Pagan Prom) on Saturday, January 6th, to benefit Frederick Pagan Pride Day. Attending the ball is not only fun, it supports next year’s PPD! And as always, Frederick CUUPS offers programming throughout the year – monthly Earth Centered Spirituality Services, Full Moon Labyrinth Walks, High Holiday Rituals, workshops and courses. Here’s a link if you’re interested in learning more.
Stay proud, stay strong, stay in touch ❤
With love,
Irene Glasse (head purple person)

Frederick Pagan Pride Day THIS SATURDAY!!!


Mabon Altar and Vendor Village

It’s finally here!  The 3rd Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day is this Saturday, September 16th, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick at 4880 Elmer Derr Road, Frederick, MD 21703!  The festival opens at 10 am and runs till 6 pm.  Admission is the donation of a non-perishable food item that will be given to The Foodbank Program operated by the Frederick Community Action Agency.  Last year’s festival drew around 400 people over the course of the day and raised 391 pounds of food for The Foodbank Program. We’re hoping to top 400 pounds of donations this year!


Vendor Village

See the full Pride schedule right here.  Our event includes workshops, rituals, live music and entertainment 30 vendors (including a food vendor), and representatives from eight local Covens, Groups and Charities.

Here’s a last-minute list of things you might consider bringing with you: a camp or other folding chair (or a picnic blanket) for attending the workshops and watching performances. There will be water filling stations, so a water bottle is also recommended. Remember to bring some money for our wonderful vendors, cash if you would like to enter the raffle, a hand drum or other percussion if you’d like to participate in the drum circle, and sunblock if you need it.

Speaking of the raffle, tickets are $3 each or $5 for two.  All proceeds benefit Frederick Pagan Pride Day.

One Month till The 3rd Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day!

20160917_143932This year’s festival is shaping up to be absolutely incredible!  We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 16th, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick at 4880 Elmer Derr Road, Frederick, MD 21703.

Frederick Pagan Pride Day runs from 10 am to 6 pm.  See the full schedule right here.  Our event includes workshops, rituals, live music and entertainment, over 20 vendors (including a food vendor), representatives from local Covens, Groups and Charities, and other activities celebrating the Autumn Equinox, a time of thanksgiving in many Pagan traditions. An item of non-perishable food will be accepted as admission and donated to The Foodbank Program operated by the Frederick Community Action Agency.

Last year’s festival drew around 400 people over the course of the day and raised 391 pounds of food for The Foodbank Program.  We’re hoping to top 400 pounds of donations this year!

If you would like to volunteer at the festival, please email Irene at frederickpaganpride (at)



Frederick Pagan Pride Day 2017 Keynote Announced

The 3rd Annual Frederick, MD, Pagan Pride Day will be Saturday, September 16th, 2017. This year’s theme is ‘Weaving Community, Rising Strong.’  FPPD is proud to welcome Gwendolyn Reece as this year’s Keynote Speaker.

Keynote Speaker Gwendolyn Reece

A modern Witch, Theosophist, and neoplatonist, Gwendolyn has been devoted to the Hellenic deities, especially Athena and Apollon, since roughly Mycenaean times. She serves Them within the nation’s capital as a priestess of the Theophania Temple. She found and recognized a place for herself in contemporary Paganism in the mid-1980s and has called herself a Witch ever since. She is a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and is a graduate of Caroline Kenner’s shamanic apprenticeship program, Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism. She lectured extensively for the Theosophical Society for 14 years and has held multiple leadership positions within the society. Gwendolyn is on the faculty of American university. In addition to her work as a practitioner, she uses her academic position to conduct research on contemporary Paganism with the intention of both furthering the scholarly discourse and providing useful information back to Pagan communities.

Gwendolyn will be presenting “Magick for the good of the Polis” as her keynote address:

Hellenic Paganism has a rich history of ritual and magick.  Although, as with every culture, some of the practices were devoted to the pursuit of good for the individual, Hellenic Paganism put the Good of the collective, the Polis, at its center.  This workshop teaches about specific magickal techne from ancient Greece, how it was used for the collective good, and how it might be applied to our current situations.