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2017 Vendors:

Food Vendor:

LPHLittle Piece of Heaven

Little Piece of Heaven is a mobile kitchen specializing in fast food favorites and home cooked meals. We offer a variety of tasty treats ranging from succulent pork chop dinners to a savory steak and cheese sub. Little Piece of Heaven offers all your favorite meals that you long for on any given day. We aim to satisfy by putting a smile on your face from eating a scrumptious meal.  To accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyles, LPH will be offering 3 Cheese Paninis on Gluten-free bread and savory stir-fried vegetables in addition to the regular full menu.


wws-logo-smallThe Wicked Wand Shoppe

The Wicked Wand Shoppe creates hand carved wands, besoms, crystal ball stands, and curiosities.  Every creation is one of a kind, handmade, and never turned on a lathe.  All materials are ethically sourced and given the proper respect from start to finish.  Great care and thought is used throughout the design process, as the wood dictates its final design and purpose.

BBcardBackwards Bohemian

We are a three ring circus of pagan artistic weirdos based out of York Pennsylvania.  We specialize in wearable art, political statement art and other assorted shiny things!!!  Our goal is to spread our vision of love and justice to the world in the form of creative, passionate silliness that is beautiful to wear and unlike what you can get elsewhere.  Come check us out and say Hi!

Willow&BirchWillow & Birch

We founded Willow & Birch because we couldn’t find the tools we needed for our Sacred practice — so we began handcrafting our own.  Our products include botanical candles inspired by the Full and New Moons, the Archangels, Sacred Space, and the Alchemy process. We harvest many of the organic herbs and flowers that we use from our own gardens.  We have a line of loose incense / casting herbs for use in Manifesting, Banishing, Protection, and Clearing rituals.  We handcraft crystal-tipped wands from branches that we gather from our groves.  And we custom-create the most magical Faery crowns!  In addition to our products, we practice geomancy through a process called Energy Alchemy(tm), with clients worldwide.  And we offer classes in Natural Magic, the Faery Realm, and Feng Shui.

house of opal new logoHouse of Opal

The House of Opal is a very small online shop that sells mostly through social media and in trade fairs. All items in the shop are made for the person of magick, for the Witch, the Wiccan, the Pagan. We carry everything for altars, rituals, sabbats, etc.: herbs, oils, chakra jewelry, Reiki jewelry, Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, black Hawaiian lava salt, pagan books, incense, etc. Owner and operator, Opal, is a master diviner and master Teacher/Healer in Reiki, angel healing, chakra healing, crystal healing, and is a nationally certified past life regression practitioner.  Visit us on Etsy!

RavensOwnLogoRaven’s Own

Raven’s Own swirls together the quirky, the spiritual, the kinky, and the beautiful for their handmade jewelry, tools, curios, and more. Readings from their unique divination system, the Kahina Stones, will also be available!



DocStoneDoc Stone Studios

Doc Stone Studios bringing you the finest in hand crafted leather goods with a steam punk flair. Everything from goggles to jewelry and handmade bags, leather pouches with an eclectic and finished style.



L&M Crafts sidebar graphic

L&M Crafts

L&M Crafts is a small family business. We have been selling to the public for over 15 years and we try to keep our prices low. We even share our discounts with our customers. Shipping is not a problem. Our shop carries various Wiccan/Pagan products as well as body jewelry and hand poured candles.



William Blake Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis

WBL – OTO serves the DC/Baltimore area, embracing all who seek to find fraternity, freedom, joy, and spiritual purpose. We believe: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.” The core activities of the Lodge are initiations, the Gnostic Mass, classes, workshops, seasonal rituals and celebrations. Join us at any of our open events — we love guests!



ChakraCharmsChakra Charms

Chakra Charms is handcrafted beaded, wire-wrapped, and hammered jewelry featuring genuine chakra healing gemstones. View a selection of Chakra Charms offerings here.




UnclaimedTreasures2017Unclaimed Treasures

Unclaimed Treasures is a unique, handcrafted collection of jewelry, accessories, altered clothing, and other fabulous oddities and curiosities. From animal bones and leather to tree burls and feathers, owner and designer Shannon M. crafts one of a kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else (believe me, I’ve looked!). There’s truly something for every taste and style, from Fairy Princesses to Tribal Warriors, and even those 9-5ers who wanna spice things up a bit 😉


TWFTwelve Winds Farm

Located on the side of South Mountain just outside of Boonsboro, Twelve Winds Farm is a small business selling hand-crafted goods made using natural ingredients and a lot of love. Natural soap, lotion, and lip balm; knitted and crocheted accessories (we’ll have some Pussy Hats available – proceeds will benefit Heartly House in Frederick!); upcycled clothing for children and adults; and whatever fantastical fripperies strike our fancy!

FemmeFloraFemme and Flora

Meagan Mullins is the creator of Femme and Flora coloring book. It features 30 beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and abilities paired with well-known flowers. Femme and Flora invites you to see the beauty in all women while helping relieve stress or just having fun. Meagan will be selling other color-yourself items based on the book and unrelated fine art as well.

New Alexandrian LibraryThe New Alexandrian Library

We sell good used and new donated items that relate to many paths within the Pagan traditions. The proceeds were used to help in the building of The New Alexandrian Library along with donations from members of The Assembly of The Sacred Wheel and other pagan philanthropists. Currently all monies aid in the ongoing maintenance and operations of the library. All donations are tax deductible and readily accepted.

ZIW_Illuminate_AdZinzeudo Infinite Wellness

Zinzeudo Infinite Wellness is a metaphysical shop that promotes holistic healing in all areas of life. We offer many types of crystals and minerals, hand poured candles, anointing oils, sacred sage and ritual tools. We also specialize in handmade aromatherapy and herbal products.


doTERRAdoTERRA by Totally Essential

Doterra is the largest and highest quality essential oil company in the World.  We empower people to take control of their family’s health using natural solutions. doTERRA can help support a wellness lifestyle in many areas from gut health, sleep & energy, stress, natural home & body care to fitness and more.   Our goal is to give people the tools they need to solve their everyday health problems quickly & easily as soon as they arise from wherever they are at that moment, so they can get back to living their life.  Stop by our booth to experience doTERRA first hand!



The earliest historical record of the use of the henna plant for hair dye and body art dates back almost 10,000 years. It has been found in the hair of Egyptian mummies, and its use has been described in a variety of religious and historical texts. Henna is used in rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, and rites of passage in more than 60 countries and by the followers of at least six faiths. Hennamorphosis hand-mixes this sacred plant into a fresh, all-natural paste to provide custom body art that lasts one to three weeks.

PeaceLaughterPeace & Laughter

When you have Peace & Laughter you have harmony!  Cheryl Giannelli, Positive Energy Activator, Crystal intuitive, Reiki Master, Medium, and  Lifepath Card Reading.  Stop by and delight in the vast assortment of Crystals – tumbled and natural to support the body, mind, and soul – perfect for altars, decorations, and everyday use.  Handmade Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wands – intuitively made crystal wands designed to infuse your beverage or liquid with the energy, and intention of the crystals inside. Gemstone bracelets and wire-wrapped pendants.

NightshadeThe Nightshade Traveling Market

The Nightshade Traveling Market is a mobile provider of clothing, gems, jewelry, incense, and divination goods. Our rune sets are hand crafted from fine woods both domestic and exotic and each dowsing point is routinely cleansed to provide the purest dowsing experience. Our incense are all handmade and fair trade and our clothing is sourced from American companies.

WyrdWyrd Armouries

We create unique one of a kind pieces – Handmade ritual tools and clothing in wood, leather and more.



WindsongAlexandra Windsong ~ Healing, Music and Art

A gifted healer with over 20 years experience, Alexandra will be available for mini Flower Essence Consultations and Energy Healing/Reiki sessions. Alexandra’s meditation and relaxation CD’s will also be for sale.





HobbitHollowHobbit Hollow Crafts
Hobbit Hollow specializes in fabric crafts and natural stone jewelry. We have gifts for everyone on your list! New items each season.
WizardsTowerWizards Tower
We are Artisans & Purveyors of unique high-quality essentials for working magic; clothing, jewelry, magic wands and accessories. We are specialists to the Intermediate & Advanced Magical & Ritual Practitioners. Specifically, Kevin makes hand-carved wooden spoons and other treenware, magic wands and other specialty wood products; and Jim makes 4 styles of capes, tarot card/sacred object bags and messenger bags, altar cloths, ritual shawls and stoles, drawstring pants, Wizard/Witches Robes, Traveling Cloaks and 3 styles of ceremonial vests. Jim specializes in Garb and Ritual Garments for men. Both men also create a line of unique Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry.
Soolah creates hand-crafted custom hoolah hoops for adults and children. Hoops come in different sizes to fit your needs. Each hoop is cut, hand fastened, and decorated with love!
skrammaglammaSkramma Glamma
Handmade sterling silver jewelry. I specialize in working with Baltic Amber and I gladly do custom work. From the hands of Skramma into your hearts and homes.

Beaded Chic Glassworks is a small family owned business that specializes in creating glass beads, small artwork, and home accessories using various forms of glass. My initial start was in North Yorkshire in the UK beginning in 2005 and I continued working with glass upon my return to the states in 2008. While we do have a website, the only way to obtain Beaded Chic Glassworks items is at the shows we attend. For this Pagan Pride event, I have designed highly items centered around the importance of our shared beliefs and respect for one another.



JoyfulSparksJoyful Sparks by Deb

Come collect the shiny treasures of Dragons (and lots of other critters)! Hand crafted stained glass will ignite your space and fill it with colorful reflections. Whether you choose a candle shelter to illuminate your altar space or a custom designed panel for your windows, you’ll find lots of different designs to drool over.




modernheathenThe Modern Heathen

The Modern Heathen publishes a number of books on Northern European related topics, as well as providing rune readings in person, and online.  Our current list of books include: “A Year of Viking Ritual”, “Hanging from the Tree: Living with the Runes”, and the soon to be published “Ancient Values for a Modern Age.”

CraftCaravanCraft Caravan

Craft Caravan, handmade and exotic jewelry, visualization kits, runes, smudging pouches, hand painted games.









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