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Our Vendor Village for the 2022 Pagan Pride Day is now full OTHER THAN FOOD VENDORS.  Vendor forms go online early in the year (generally February) – please check in with us in February of 2023 for vending opportunities. If you are a food vendor and interested in working at the festival, please email frederickpaganpride(at)gmail(dot)com.

2022 Vendors:

Food Vendor:

rollzonwheelzRollz on Wheelz Now is your chance to try Filipino food! This unique cuisine features deep fried spring rollz, pancit noodles, bbq pork or chicken on the stick, deep fried casava and much more.

SlamSLAM Snowcones makes delicious, mouthwatering snowcones in Fredrick, MD. From a quick, refreshing snack to delicious treats at an event, we are proud to serve quality products all around the Fredrick, MD area. SLAM offers 21 different flavors of snowcone, 3 sugar free flavors, and will also be serving hot dogs and chips.

Goods and Services:

House of Opal(c) is a small, family-owned spiritual shop that was born in the Autumn Equinox at the beginning of the first few years of this millennium. This little store has moved from Hyattsville to Laurel, and now operates inside a private home in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We offer Tarot readings and spiritual items such as Tarot decks, oracles, Pagan books, blended oils and herbs (for the Sabbats, Full Moons, and everyday life), spell kits, ritual salt, crystals, sage bundles, and many other items for your spiritual needs. We also offer holistic healing and teaching sessions in many modalities including Usui & Kundalini Reiki; Run Valdr; Chakra, Crystal and Ethereal Crystals Healing; and Integrated Energy Therapy™ (better known as Angel Healing). Opal is also a nationally certified Integrative Reflexologist(R). So come in and enter my booth. You are welcome and safe here, and you will be in the same place where Angels trod.

Phoenix and Peacock is a blend of Fantasy and Feather handcrafted creations! My product line includes Handmade dragons, One of a kind feather sage fans, sage kits, sage sprays, wands, original pieces of art as well as some other creations as guided! I also sell tarot decks of the unusual variety, journals and an abundance of crystals.  Phoenix and Peacock will also be offering tarot readings.

L&M Crafts is a small family business. We have been selling to the public for over 15 years and we try to keep our prices low. We even share our discounts with our customers. Shipping is not a problem. Our shop carries various Wiccan/Pagan products as well as body jewelry and hand poured candles. Stop by and say hi. Come to the shop with this program and receive 20% off any one item.

Serendipities_logo_colorSerendipities We have three main ways we serve our local community:
•  through our unique, holistic approach to spiritual and energy healing
•  through divination services, providing spiritual guidance and clarity
•  through our gemstone jewelry, for healing and devotional wear
Serendipities is a team effort, by married partners Scott O’Manannan and Alexandra Nic Bhe Chuille, based in Northern Virginia. Find us around the web here.

HennamorphosisHennamorphosis creates custom, freehand henna body art using all-natural henna paste free of harmful chemicals. Natural henna stains take 24-48 to darken and last one to two weeks. Hennamorphosis is proud to offer henna for every body, and is available for parties, festivals, and private appointments.

The Wicked Wand Shoppe was created by two souls on a journey to create a little magic.   We work with the properties of wood, clay, stones, and plants as we hand craft wands, besoms, crystal ball stands, candle holders, pendulums, oils, altar tools, and curiosities.  Each creation is given great thought and respect from start to finish, as we let the materials dictate their purpose and design.

Moonhaven is a face-to-face spiritual & magical community with a growing curriculum for those interested in exploring a magical practice. Currently, we are offering workshops & events that cover the fundamentals of magic, divination, practical craft, ritual, and more. MoonHaven is a pop-up school in the Frederick area that partners with local businesses to deliver exciting metaphysical content and education with a focus on empowering the individual students to carve out their own practice of magic, no matter what path is calling to them most strongly. We offer private readings in Norse Runes, Tarot, and Celtic Oracle, and recently launched our one-on-one, face-to-face mentorship program for those looking to deepen their practice with personal support and guidance. MoonHaven is excited to serve the community of spiritual seekers who are ready to teach, learn, and share their magic and wisdom! 

Wild Thing Pottery is a ceramic celebration of the natural world bringing fun and functional offerings to your kitchen or altar. Our magical offerings include pendants, earrings, gorgets, rune sets, witch hat ring holders, herb strippers, moon and star wall hangings, and comforting wall plaques, as well as hand carved and heavily textured wood cut and dragon scale vessels

Peridot is a family owned new age shop that offers an array of spiritual tools. We offer an assortment of
crystals, fossils, and minerals as well as information on the healing properties of each. We also carry
cleansing supplies and inspirational gifts.

The New Alexandrian Library Store is a not for profit that sells new and good used items that relate to the many different paths our community members travel on. Items that are available are magickal tools such as athames, chalices, wands,and pentacles. Divination tools like tarot decks, runes, pendulums and scrying mirrors. Statuary and an eclectic variety of crystals and semi precious gemstones. Plus a multitude of bric-a-brac and knickknacks all of which can be used by the Pagan community at large. All proceeds benefit The New Alexandrian Library which was built by The Assembly of The Sacred Wheel in Georgetown, Delaware.

Unclaimed Treasures is a unique collection of wearable art and decor, specializing in bone jewelry, electroformed jewelry, and preserved oddities and specimens. Owner and designer, Shannon M., loves up-cycling and using found, natural materials. Every piece is handcrafted with love, intention, and just a dash of crazy. 

Tiw’s Arm is a mixture of geeky, nerdy, kinky, and heathen. We make chainmail products by hand, bending every ring to form unique jewelry, keychains, cubes, and other items like bags and owls. We also offer candles and mini-spell kits as well as books about mythology and the Old English language.

Twisted Talismans creates one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewelry and divination tools, using a wide variety of materials, including polymer clay, copper, minerals and semi-precious gems. Each piece of jewelry is charged with a specific intention, to aid the wearer in their everyday lives. Example intentions include strength, prosperity, hope, love, and inspiration. These tiny pieces of magic are also often named after different Irish-Gaelic words, and much of the inspiration for the jewelry comes from these words. Twisted Talismans is seeking to create a collection of unique jewelry that brings a little bit of magic to our everyday lives. 

Wizards Tower. Artisans and purveyors of unique, high-quality essentials for working magick. Ritual clothing, jewelry, magic wands, hand carved spoons, ritual shawls, tarot card/sacred object bags, altar cloths, ritual stoles, treasure chests, and accessories. Commissions welcome.

Wyrd Armouries. Creators of unique handmade ritual tools from natural and exotic materials. With enough random skills for a medieval village, together we create unique work to adorn and amuse. You can find us at media conventions, renaissance faires, pagan festivals and craft shows along the east coast.

Alchemy Q Designs. Through natural, small batch & ethically-sourced crystals, Alchemist “Q” designs one-of-a-kind, whimsical oddities & curiosities to wear as you navigate your life’s journey. This wearable crystal art combines the healing properties of crystals infused with detoxing copper through electrochemistry. Her work is inspired by ancient cultures that paved the way for Pagans: Greeks, Egyptians, Vikings, etc. You will explore wire wrapped and copper electroformed pendants, rings, bracelets, hair pins, crowns, and earrings for the metaphysically-inclined, but also, altar adornments such as fantasy window art, crystal tea diffusers, pendulums and mulberry wood wands/scepters. Sneak away to her labyrinth for all your seer, crystal and cosmic needs.

Chakra Charms is handcrafted jewelry … beaded, wire-wrapped, and hammered metal …featuring genuine gemstones believed for centuries to clear and balance the chakra
system. Each piece is handmade with love and healing intentions and designed to allowyou a beautiful way to keep your healing gemstones close at hand.

Sun Dame creates hand made wire, gemstone, and charm crowns, necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, elf ears, pendants, rings, and bracelets. They are inspired by myths, spirituality, and the natural world.

Hobbit Hollow Crafts specializes in natural stone jewelry, fabric crafts, and most recently, gently used but refurbished Vera Bradley bags at a fraction of the original cost. Gifts for everyone on your list and new items annually

TJ’s Witchy Works offers whimsical reads for ages 0-6 (award-winning Four Little Witches) and of a healthy nature (The Healthy Witch). TJ is a healer and has been practicing Wicca for 16+ years. She is also an accomplished Oracle Card reader and will offer readings throughout the day; simply sign up!

Of Dust and Dew makes fun functional pottery, all organic soaps, with bits of crystals, incense, and magic sprinkled in!

Enchanted Karma Wellness is a holistic healing space that offers Energy Healings (Reiki of many different types), to ensure that you are at you most balanced self, in mind, body and spirit. We also offer crystals that aid in healing, crystal jewelry, crystals crafts and home decor, sages and some herbs, as well as body scrubs, lotions, and potions that help ease many issues. Let us know if we can help you on your path!

Fox and Owl Creations offers handmade crochet and knit items such as keychains, witch hats, purses, bags, headbands, décor and accessories. Triple Moon Enchantments offers handmade candles, resin crafts, hair accessories, and décor such as plates, incense burners, and Goddess themed bathbombs and bath products.

Midnight Orchid Design specializes in unique eclectic designs. Pieces range from Bellydance, Renn Faire, viking, daily wear, and one of a kind projects. Along with what every else may tickle my fancy while designing All designs are a unique one of a kind hand made, and nothing is mass produced. Materials and fabrics are limited along with being up-cycle materials to reduce waste where we can. We use materials from Indian sari, kimono silks, hand block printed African cottons and obi, to upholstery fabrics and recycled pieces and so much more.

Willy Nilly Creativity was started to share our love for all things natural, healthy and fun! We began with ethically sourced materials to make soap products that were kind to peoples skin. This has evolved to other products including healing balms, beard oils, room sprays and essential oil blends. We are happy to sit down and discuss making one specific for your needs. We also love the idea of upcycling found items and creating something new from them to add a little magic to people’s homes. We use a Squirrel as our logo as he is a creature who is always going from one place to another and seemingly enjoying life. Every item we make is imbued with love, good thoughts and good energy.

Purring Banshee Studios: Spirit jewelry from many pantheons. Beaded spiritual ornaments. Pottery. Vocal music. Pride necklaces. Seasonal color analysis jewelry. And other things that strike fancy. All handmade by sole proprietor priestess in the USA. Custom work is welcomed.

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