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The Fifth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 14th, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick. We are currently accepting vendor applications.  If you are interested in vending, please read our Vendor Rules, then fill out our Vendor Application Form. We are proud to offer a free informational (non-vending) booth space to local Covens, Open Circles, Events, Charities and 501c3 organizations.  If you are interested in offering a booth for your group or organization, please contact us.

2019 Event Sponsors:

The Turning Point has been providing affordable care for the health of our community since 2007, giving more than 80,000 low-cost acupuncture treatments over the past 12 years! Acupuncture is a great tool for managing pain, stress, and everything stemming from pain or stress: headaches, insomnia, TMJ, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, grief and more. Acupuncture helps people who are struggling with infertility or chronic illnesses. Many people use it not because there’s anything really “wrong” with them, but simply because they like how they feel after receiving it…and at $20 per visit, acupuncture at The Turning Point is affordable enough to do that! 240-405-7878

2019 Vendors:

Food Vendor

Wanderly Wagon
Wanderly Wagon started up in 2018 and serves tasty treats from breakfast to dessert. We offer all natural shaved ice, a flavor station and and shaved ice dessert creations with homemade toppings, a variety of big beef hotdogs with unique toppings, seasonal grain and veggie salads, rotating vegetarian and healthy options, agua frescas, fresh lemonade, smoothies, coffee, and more.  Menu here.


RavensOwnLogoRaven’s Own
Raven’s Own swirls together the quirky, the spiritual, the kinky, and the beautiful for their handmade jewelry, tools, curios, and more. Readings from their unique divination system, the Kahina Stones, will also be available!




L&M Crafts sidebar graphicL& M Crafts
L&M Crafts is a small family business. We have been selling to the public for over 15 years and we try to keep our prices low. We even share our discounts with our customers. Shipping is not a problem. Our shop carries various Wiccan/Pagan products as well as body jewelry and hand poured candles.



Karmalet is your place to shop for priced-to-sell jewelry and hand-made New-
Age items. Ranging from gem stone pendants to portable altar boxes and wands, our product line has something for everyone.


House of Opal
The House of Opal is a mystickal place where one can learn holistic healing (Reiki, Angel Healing, Chakra healing, etc.). We also have a product side to our store where we carry all things magickal:  Tarot decks, pagan books, Witch’s salt, crystals, herbs, oils, etc. Come in and look around our booth. We are happy to serve you!



Unclaimed Treasures
Unclaimed Treasures is a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry, accessories, fantastical oddities, and hand collected vintage and upcycled treasures. With something for everyone from the Crafty Goddess to the Woodland Witch, and the Steampunk Pixie to the Wasteland Warrior, owner and designer, Shannon M. crafts extraordinary pieces that empower and delight.


The Wicked Wand Shoppe
The Wicked Wand Shoppe was created by two souls on a journey to create a little magic. We work with the properties of wood, clay, stones, and plants as we hand craft wands, besoms, crystal ball stands, candle holders, pendulums, oils, altar tools, and curiosities. Each creation is given great thought and respect from start to finish, as we let the materials dictate their final design and purpose.


Hennamorphosis is happy to provide custom, freehand henna body art for any body. We use only safe, homemade henna paste using all natural ingredients. Glitter to top off your design is optional, but encouraged!




P’s Cupboard
P’s Cupboard offers a variety of handmade craft items, including decorated wreaths and brooms suitable for any Pagan home or hearth and a whimsical selection of crocheted critters, including frogs, kittens, owls and song birds. We also have open-fingered crocheted gloves in several patterns, perfect for the person who’s typing, writing, or driving and still needs to use their fingertips. All crocheted items are machine washable and dryable.


Annie’s Blessed Bead
Ann White, owner of Annie’s Blessed Bead, LLC, has been in the Maryland Pagan Community for over 30 years. I combined my love of jewelry with her sci-fi/fantasy/Pagan roots to bring the community unique creations that can be worn any time. Annie’s Blessed Bead features a variety of styles, from simple knotted strands to intricate pieces made with delicate seed beads. I love to play with colors and shapes!




The Modern Heathen
The Modern Heathen offers divination using the runes, counseling, healing, books, and beautiful knit clothing that is as much art as it is clothing. Feel to stop by and peruse our goods, get a reading, or just stop by talk, and ask questions. We can also arrange for presenters for your local pagan gathering on a variety of norse (and non norse) topics.





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  5. Hi,
    Do you have a website or Facebook information for Karmalet? The paragraph about their products was very interesting and I would like to know more before September and Pagan Pride Day.
    Many thanks,


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