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The seventh Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 9th, 2023. Our Vendor Village for 2023 is full, with the exception of food vendors. If you are a food vendor and would like to vend, please contact us at frederickpaganpride(at)gmail(dot)com

2023 Food Vendors

Rollz on Wheelz Now is your chance to try Filipino food! This unique cuisine features deep fried spring rollz, pancit noodles, bbq pork or chicken on the stick, deep fried casava and much more.

SLAM Snowcones makes delicious, mouthwatering snowcones in Fredrick, MD. From a quick, refreshing snack to delicious treats at an event, we are proud to serve quality products all around the Fredrick, MD area. SLAM offers 21 different flavors of snowcone, 3 sugar free flavors, and will also be serving hot dogs and chips.

2023 Goods and Services Vendors

Tiw’s Arm is a mixture of geeky, nerdy, kinky, and heathen. We make chainmail products by hand, bending every ring to form unique jewelry, keychains, cubes, and other items like bags and owls. We also offer spell kits, spelljars, pins, simmer pot spells, and spell sprays as well as books about mythology and the Old English language.

Fox and Owl Creations and Triple Moon Enchantments is an lgbtq+ female owned small business that provides handmade knit and crochet fiber art jewelry and decor, hand whipped candles, and resin art. A portion of proceeds from sales are donated to homeless infants and toddlers in Baltimore city.

L&M Crafts is a small family business. We have been selling to the public for over 15 years and we try to keep our prices low. We even share our discounts with our customers. Shipping is not a problem. Our shop carries various Wiccan/Pagan products as well as body jewelry and hand poured candles. Stop by and say hi. Come to the shop with this program and receive 20% off any one item.

Sleeping Cat Creations, located in nearby Chambersburg, PA, sells quilts, quilt patterns, small quilted items (bags, eyeglass cases, bowl cozies), and commissioned items. We also offer longarm services and founded the International Quilters’ Guild, a free Facebook group for quilters. Learn more at and

Of Dust and Dew is where you’ll find fun, functional pottery, all organic soaps, with bits of crystals, incense, and magick sprinkled in!

Started by a practicing inclusive Norse pagan, Heathen Hearth and Home was created out of the desire to integrate spirituality into the home with non-appropriative, inclusive, sustainable, and original products. Each product was handmade or carefully selected and vetted to curate a collection of products that grounds the spiritual practitioner into their daily routines, nature, and intention. 

Stone Heart Forge is a woman owned blacksmith, stone knapping and broom making shop in the Northern Virginia Area. Stone Heart Forge creates stone, steel and bone tools, knives, brooms and décor for your home and your practice. Historical techniques and ritual intention forge ancient materials into tools for modern use. The elements of stone, steel and bone introduce natural energies into everyday objects to ground and connect the practitioner for balancing the physical and the spiritual. Check out @stoneheartforge on social media or go to

Wild Thing Pottery is a ceramic celebration of the natural world, specializing in fun and functional artwork that brings whimsy and comfort to everyday rituals. Our wares include: moon and star wall hangings, quote plaques, dragon scale vessels, herb strippers, witch hat ring holders, wood cut vessels, wearable ceramic earrings, pendants and gorgets, as well as lanterns, faerie doors, rune stones sets, wee ghosties, mushroomed vessels, plant pots and more!

Twisted Talismans creates one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewelry and divination tools, using a wide variety of materials, including polymer clay, copper, minerals and semi-precious gems. Each piece of jewelry is charged with a specific intention, to aid the wearer in their everyday lives. Example intentions include strength, prosperity, hope, love, and inspiration. These tiny pieces of magic are also often named after different Irish-Gaelic words, and much of the inspiration for the jewelry comes from these words. Twisted Talismans is seeking to create a collection of unique jewelry that brings a little bit of magic to our everyday lives. 

A Touch of Glass…and then some offers Diane’s stained glass and fused glass designs as well as aromatherapy heat bags, hand-carved wooden statuary and bronze pendants from Ukraine, flags, banners and altar cloths and an assortment of soaps, lotion, books and pins. We support a number of Pagan Pride events in the northeast and are FINALLY glad to be able to make it to Frederick. HAIL!

StillClear Creations is a family of crafters providing homemade bar soap, bath fizzers, solid bubble bath and lotions! Our leather worker makes pagan themed goods such as tarot deck cases, crystal and rune pouches and beautiful leather bags. Our artist makes candles, wax tarts and moon phase trinket trays as well as artwork out of creative mediums! Come visit us!

Black Cat Holistics offers handmade jewelry, such as necklaces, chokers, and bracelets featuring crystals and wire wrapping. Handmade jewelry boxes made out of resin, burned/painted custom bindrunes.

Peridot is a small family owned spiritual shop in New Market, MD. We provide people with the supplies they need for their unique journey. Some items we carry include crystals, incense, books, decks, and much more.

House of Opal(c) is a small, family-owned spiritual shop that was born in the Autumn Equinox at the beginning of the first few years of this millennium. This little store has moved from Hyattsville to Laurel, and now operates inside a private home in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We offer Tarot readings and spiritual items such as Tarot decks, oracles, Pagan books, blended oils and herbs (for the Sabbats, Full Moons, and everyday life), spell kits, ritual salt, crystals, sage bundles, and many other items for your spiritual needs. We also offer holistic healing and teaching sessions in many modalities including Usui & Kundalini Reiki; Run Valdr; Chakra, Crystal and Ethereal Crystals Healing; and Integrated Energy Therapy™ (better known as Angel Healing). Opal is also a nationally certified Integrative Reflexologist(R), Sound Healer and candidate as a Shamanic Practitioner. So come in and enter my booth. You are welcome and safe here, and you will be in the same place where Angels trod.

We at Tempered Raven believe a custom blade is more than a pretty display piece – it is a tool. Each piece we craft, regardless if hand-crafted or hand-forged, serves a purpose for its owner and much like any other tool, whether practical or ceremonial, it should be reliable and long lasting; an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. This is why we pour our sweat and tears (and sometimes blood) into each blade until they are hardened and tempered for use and abuse. Just because our blades are tools, doesn’t mean they should not look beautiful, which is why we focus our attention on details like handle material, pins, stippling, or the trueness of each blade. Only by remaining dedicated to the purpose of each piece do we remain true to our craft.

Mystical Shu’s is a family-owned business that makes unique homemade gifts such as wands and boxes for tarot and travel altars that they made from repurposed cigar boxes. They also make homemade candles of many different varieties including, intention, deity, zodiac, and sabbat, as well as ones some without a specific purpose. Recently they have expanded into making sprays, oils and bath salts.

The Tiny Broom Closet at The Dark Arts Of is a small Queer Latina owned business . We support people on their mental health, growth, and healing journeys. We use baking, photography, conversations, and spiritual services to support people. We are currently  doing popup vending events where we will have handcrafted  brooms, soaps, tiny cauldrons, herbs, photography prints , tarot readings, energetic cleansings and more to support ones spiritual journey.

SERENDIPITIES We have three main ways we serve our local community: through our gemstone jewelry, for healing and devotional wear; through divination services, providing spiritual guidance and clarity; through our unique, holistic approach to spiritual and energy healing. Serendipities is a team effort, by married partners Scott O’Manannan and Alexandra Nic Bhe Chuille, based in Northern Virginia. Find us around the web at: !

Skramma Glamma. Established in 2015. Handmade jewelry for all of your bedazzlement and magical needs. Ethically sourced Baltic Amber, Jet, Larimar and other semi precious gemstones. All metal used is 925 Sterling silver.

StormWolf Studio. Everyone has a “Lore”, what’s yours? We are a small husband and wife business that makes custom crystal jewlery. Each of our pieces incorporates an intention, an energy, a purpose…and for our non-pagan clients, we use color theory with associated crystal properties to incorporate the same energy and intention (wink).  We have pieces for everyday, special occasions, and some we can replicate, but we prefer to create one-of-a-kind custom pieces that resonate with each of our amazing customers needs.  We also create household art with, crystals of course, for you to enjoy or for you to share as gifts. Visit our website at

Handmade by DesiLee specializes in home goods and accessories with alternative flair! Our goods are hand sewn with quality materials so whether you’re looking for eco friendly items like reusable snack bags and unpaper towels, or accessories like wallets and wristlets you’ll be sure to find something fun that will last a long time!

Come make your day a little brighter with Caitlin Leopold Art & Design! Whether you’re looking for something witchy, nerdy, fantasy, or fandom, Caitlin has something for everyone. Or, if you happen to be looking for something one of a kind, she can make your vision a reality with a custom commission! Some typical wares include a range of prints, stickers, keychains, trinket boxes, plaques, painted glassware, pendulum boards and more. Come take a peek at

Lauren G. Koch – Keeper of the Old Ways is a creative mindfulness facilitator, herbalist, and healing practitioner, working in multiple energy and sound healing modalities. She provides virtual and in person services in the areas of Frederick, DMV, Mid-MD, and Mid-Southern PA. Lauren will have a selection of small batch, handcrafted, organic (local & fair trade) folk medicinals (essential oil blends, teas, bath and body items), art & crafts, in addition to providing 15 minute inutive art readings, chair reiki, & tuning fork sound healing sessions.

Midnight Orchid Design. Eclectic fashion for everyone. Products are made by the owner or a team member in house. Many items are recycled or up-cycled materials. We hope that every item that finds its forever home does so with big smiles and confidence. We pride ourselves in fitting all shapes and sizes and look forward to joining the PPD community again this year.

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