The 2020 Frederick, Maryland, Pagan Pride Day has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The next Pagan Pride Day is slated for September 11th, 2021.  Vendor, presenter, and performer forms will go online in February of 2021.

The Sixth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 11th, 2021, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.  We are proud to offer a discounted booth space ($20 for a 12′ x 12′ space) to local Covens, Open Circles, Events, Charities and 501c3 organizations.  If you are interested in offering a booth for your group or organization, please contact us in February of 2021

2021 Groups

The Hearth of Hestia is a new moon coven focused on empowerment, education, and edification of all members. Like our patron goddess Hestia, we welcome witches and inquiring minds from all walks of life regardless of age, race, gender identity, religion, or sexual orientation. For ease of our members we meet regularly in two locations, Hestia’s Hearth East in Alexandria VA and Hestia’s Hearth West in Leesburg VA. Especially open towards those new to witchery, we’re aiming to uplift each other and grow in the craft together.


The Fellowship Beyond the Star (Fellowship) is a nondenominational Pagan group located in the DMV area. Founded in September 2013, our goal is to provide a space for Pagans of different paths to discuss and share their religious experiences and beliefs. We are an inclusive organization that meets three times a month for themed discussions, a book club, and informal coffee talks. Inclusivity is a cornerstone of our organization, and we do not tolerate bigoted language or behavior, including but not limited to racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia.

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