The Fourth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 15th, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.  We are proud to offer a free booth space (12′ x 12′) to local Covens, Open Circles, Events, Charities and 501c3 organizations.  If you are interested in offering a booth for your group or organization, please contact us.

2018 Groups

RMD-Hex-6x6Remedy Columbia
Frederick Pagan Pride Day Sponsor

Remedy Columbia is Columbia’s only medical dispensary.  Our mission is to help our patients to achieve their optimal quality of life by providing them with the highest quality medical cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment. We were founded by the same family that brought the Thai Sophia Institute (now MUIH) to Maryland. Alternative wellness is Remedy’s foundation, along with understanding for all.


4qfSponsorshipFour Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
Frederick Pagan Pride Day Sponsor

Whether you are drawn to the ancient traditions of Earth Spirit or seeking a vibrant community of people from all walks of life; whether you are searching for a retreat or a place for ceremony…we are here.   Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary, Artemas, PA.


UToS symbol 2Global Spirits

Respecting the will of the individual and the welfare of the group, Global Spirits is a celebratory ecstatic trance religion.  This multi-cultural tradition includes pluralists, polytheists, monotheists, agnostics, humanists, and other “-ists”. Celebrations welcome Spirits from around the Globe in friendship. Rituals are theme-based rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition.


Mountain Mysteries

Mountain Mysteries hosts twice yearly Pagan festivals for Beltane and Mabon. You will find workshops, rituals, field games and Quidditch, evening entertainment and bonfire, and camping with pagan friends and family at our festivals.  We offer a safe space for you to freely express yourself, and respect all paths. This space is family friendly, and Christopher Run has lake access for swimming, kayaking, fishing, playground and limited cabin camping. Trailer and tent camping are the two ways to stay the weekend, or hotels are available 20 minutes away in nearby Louisa, VA.

LunaLuna Aerial Dance and Performing Arts

Luna Aerial Dance and Performing Arts is an aerial dance company in Frederick MD open to curious minds of all ages, genders, and body types. Luna is a safe and supportive space where you can explore all of the amazing things of which your body is capable. Learn the skills you need to express yourself on a variety of apparatuses and come together with like-minded people who want to use their bodies for something greater than the mundane. The world is filled with wonder – sometimes you just have to climb a little higher to find it.

FBtSFellowship Beyond the Star

The Fellowship aims to provide a space for those people where they can discuss their faiths, interests, and spirituality beyond Wicca, discussing interfaith Paganism and polytheism. We accept people of all paths, provided they are respectful and open, and people of all genders, sexual orientations, and races; however, we do not condone those who might devalue our Fellowship with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other similar bigotry.


HallowedHomecomingHallowed Homecoming

Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat is a gathering during which we connect with the Ancestors, the Divine, and each other in the woods of Prince William Forest Park! We will be offering in-depth workshops, rituals, drumming, storytelling, revelry and great food. Come help us say farewell to the end of the harvest as we welcome the dark time of the year.  Our special guest this year is Pagan author & teacher, Kirk White, past president of Covenant of the Goddess, one of the founders of Cherry Hill Seminary, and has been influential in many other aspects of our Pagan community.  We offer rustic cabin camping, and all meals are included with your registration.

FGGFertile Ground Gathering

Fertile Ground Gathering is an annual Beltane festival created to bring together the Pagan community; helping to build and strengthen the bonds among those who walk the Earth Paths in the greater Washington DC area and beyond. Located at historic Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA, Fertile Ground is family-inclusive and offers fantastic workshops and services, empowering rituals, spectacular entertainment, drum circles and dancing around nightly bonfires, cabin camping, fantastic meals, some very special guests and of course, dancing around the maypole!  Come celebrate our eleventh year with us in 2019!



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