The Sixth Annual Frederick Pagan Pride Day will be held on Saturday, September 17th, 2022, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.  We are proud to support local Covens, Open Circles, Events, Charities and 501c3 organizations.  If you are interested in offering a booth for your group or organization in the 2022 festival (2021 is full), please contact us.

2022 Groups

Fertile Ground Gathering is an annual Beltane festival celebrating since 2008, and takes place at Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA.  Our volunteer team puts together a rich, powerful, rejuvenating gathering that has become a much-anticipated retreat for many in the region and beyond.  Each year, we create an integral experience around a central theme, and all our workshops, rituals, activities, and even performances are designed to come together to bring that theme to life.  We are excited to return in 2022 for our first in-person gathering since COVID-19, and we look forward to celebrating with you!


The Fellowship Beyond the Star (Fellowship) is a nondenominational Pagan group located in the DMV area. Our goal is to provide a safe space for people of different paths to discuss and share their religious experiences and beliefs. Inclusivity is a cornerstone of our organization. For our full inclusivity statement, check out our website:

Hallowed Homecoming Productions is hosting Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat in Northern Virginia as an opportunity to connect with others, explore various practices and topics, and celebrate our Ancestors. Hallowed Homecoming Productions is an organization composed of a variety of Pagans in the Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland area. Our goal is to present a Samhain retreat open to all – those new to the path, experienced practitioners, leaders, and everyone in between. 

Njörðr’s Wanderers is an evidenced-based living history group. Our guiding principle is to present to the public the current knowledge of early Medieval trade, industry, and commerce through demonstration.

Our mission is to portray a typical seasonal trading camp found along any given waterway in the British Isles, between the years 800-1000. We portray the various peoples and cultures one would encounter in an emerging trade town, where we give ongoing demonstrations of different crafts, including wood, metal, leather, and textile work. We discuss and describe features of trade and daily life. Our camp is an integral part of our portrayal, in which we eat, sleep, trade, and entertain. We portray merchants and peoples from Scandinavia, Frankia, and around the British Isles.

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